"Windows on Mission" Videos

Windows on Mission is a 2-DVD set highlighting stories of Episcopal missionaries around the world. Included are the following segments that can be used as a complete series or for study of an individual country:

  • The Gospel of Grace: Series Introduction featuring Archbishop Desmond Tutu (16:09)
  • Serving Jesus' Little Ones - Gerry and Nan Hardison in Kenya (19:31)
  • Streams in the Desert - Paul Gordon and Lynn Chandler in Egypt (23:13)
  • The Coming of the Rain - Caleb and Louise King in Rwanda (20:56)
  • Crossing the River - Valeska Daley in Honduras (18:55)
  • God Undivided - Mano and Benita Rumalshah in Pakistan (22:52)
  • The Scroll of Thanksgiving - James and Lorine Williams in South Africa (18:44)
  • The Blood of the Bull - Ross Kane in Sudan (22:02)
  • The Good Shepherd - Michael and Mona Dresbach in Panama (15:51)
  • Lift Up Your Voice - Randall Giles in India (16:08)
  • A Forgotten Church - Kitty Babson in Myanar (15:53)
  • Gospel Seed - Elyn MacInniss in China (27:41)